• Recipe
  • Bouillon boulettes (dumpling soup)

    A bowl of dumpling soup to fill your heart, body and soul with warmth and joy! A comfort food in short. I bought the dumplings (fish balls, Shao Mai, meat crab and tofu balls) from the supermarket. They are not homemade. Dumpling soup is known as ”bouillon boulettes” in Mauritius (must try when you visit […]

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  • Health
  • My detox infusion recipe

    Today I’m sharing my detox drink. There are days when I go careless and eat lots of junkies, this is where my detox infusion comes to my rescue. This infusion works so quickly (you will feel your belly bloats a lot after drinking it – it is actually the detoxifying process). Basically, I’ve combined all ingredients […]

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