• Mallorca
  • Hotel Review : JS Palma Stay (Mallorca)

    If there’s one place where I would love to spend the rest of my life is Mallorca(Majorca), this place reminds me so much of Mauritius. Mallorca is one of Spain’s largest Balearic islands in the Mediterranean, with the most beautiful beaches and coves. It is around 2 hours’ flight from London and unfortunately miles miles away […]

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  • Your weekend break in London

    Flying or driving to London for a weekend break and thinking on how to visit this majestic city in just 2 days ? I was lucky enough to stay in London for 22 months and proud to have been a tour guide to my mother on her visit to London. Whenever I was off from University, I […]

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  • Travel
  • London : A guide to Tooting

    Ever moved to a new place and feel like you’ve lived in that place since forever … Hear me on this. Tooting Broadway : From February 2015 till March 2016 When I first moved to London for University, I stayed at my uncle’s place in Chingford, that is North London. I spent 2 months at […]

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