• Recipe
  • Chocolate chips cookie and ice cream shake

    It was the eve of our New Year (for the Hindus) and everybody at home was busy cleaning. The screen showed 27 degrees but it seemed way hotter. I immediately thought that it was the right time to make a super cookie shake for my family with them constantly coming to the kitchen for cold drinks […]

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  • Appetizers and Snacks
  • Cheese croquettes

    Some cheesy croquettes, spicy chutney/chili sauce and hot tea can be your best friend on a rainy and cold day. Croquettes known as ‘Badia’ (Ba-diaa) in Mauritius (our street food) are eaten as party snacks/appetizers or whenever you have cravings when you hit the road. This is a cheat day meal which you can turn into a […]

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