Yayy my FeelUnique order came today 😀
I was not really a fan of E-shopping however the feeling you get on receipt of your ordered items is an amazing one. I am from a tiny island, forget about high-end department stores, we don’t even have Boots  or Super-drug stores here. I got my stock of products from the UK when I returned back to my home country after living there for two years but products don’t last forever. It was time to replenish my stock and the thought of travelling miles for the products is horrendous. I then thought of giving a try to E-shopping. I did buy from Amazon or Ebay previously for none beauty products.

Today I am reviewing two of my favourite online stores and little comparison between the two. 


ASOS is a UK online beauty and fashion store selling over 450 brands including its own brand. It ships to more than 140 countries. I remember one of my friends saying that she always buys stuffs from ASOS as she doesn’t really get the time to go out and shop. To my relief, ASOS ships to my island so does FeelUnique. FeelUnique is Europe’s largest online beauty retailer. This is not for you if you want to buy clothes, I do guarantee that you will find any beauty products that you are looking for. 


I give a big thumb up to ASOS. Why ? England is 11000 miles away from my island that’s 12 hours by plane and several days by sea. Whilst Ebay or Ali Express take more than a month to deliver the order, ASOS delivers within 15 days. You got it right, you get your stuffs in less than 2 weeks’ time. Last time ASOS surprised me by delivering in just 9-10 days just in time when I needed the products. FeelUnique takes longer, 3 weeks to deliver to the main post office and one more week to get it dropped to my local town post office, coming to a month for me. ASOS wins here. 


I call it a draw here, let me explain : 

– ASOS sells beauty products, clothes and accessories (for men and women), diversified online store. 

– FeelUnique is only about beauty products (skincare and makeup) 

One downside of ASOS is the limited range of beauty brands it offers. You don’t have much option to choose from and some brands have shipping restriction, product brands such as L’Oreal and Benefit cannot be shipped to my island. You do have a great deal of option when it comes to clothes though. 

FeelUnique offers a huge range of beauty products with minimal shipping restrictions. The products are categorized in a very helpful order in terms of acne problem, expert skincare or makeup-wise.  


FeelUnique is always running crazy promotions and offers. I paid £14 for a moisturizer that normally sells at £20. You have to keep an eye on the website so that you don’t miss the sale and promo. The best way for that is to subscribe to FeelUnique. Plus, you get to choose one of your favourite brand and you always get 10% off whenever you buy something of the brand. ASOS do have sale going on but I always save more with FeelUnique with free samples offered. Last time I received a set of makeup brush with FeelUnique.
(FeelUnique wins)


I was really scared to purchase from FeelUnique initially as many people posted negative reviews saying they never received their orders. So far, I never had any issue with FeelUnique or ASOS, the products were carefully packed to avoid any damage and all my orders did reach me. (Draw again)


The minimum amount to qualify for free shipping is £20 for ASOS and £60 for FeelUnique. I seriously wish that FeelUnique could lower their minimum amount for free shipping.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Have you guys tried any other online beauty stores ?




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