Club Med La Plantation Hotel – Albion, Mauritius

We needed some lazy time, by that I mean good food, drinks, the sun, the pool and the sea. The girls at work and I headed to the 5* beach resort, Club Med Albion for a day package (Mur 2,125). Our all-inclusive day package started at 10 am to end at 5 pm, that’s 8 hours to enjoy the hotel facilities. While it is a generous amount of time on hands, we somehow wished we could stay longer.

We arrived 20 mins earlier and luckily we were allowed to check in right then. We enjoyed a short fun ride from the gate till the reception area in a buggy car. You instantly feel great when you enter the reception area with the mesmerizing decor and a mix of vintage and modern furniture.


Picture credit : Sharleen


My phone showed 29 degrees, we soon hit the bar for a refreshing cocktail before touring the hotel.

The hotel does look small at first but you will soon realise that one day is not enough to explore it all. I love how Club Med Albion is structured, you will have the most beautiful sea view in some area while you may feel like you are walking in the woods in the other parts. They have two infinity pools and 1 spa pool. The beach along the hotel is so far one of the prettiest and cleanest beaches of Mauritius.

The staffs provide a high-standard service, to note most of them are international staffs who have a degree in their respective field.

We did some land activities before lunch. We tried Archery which is a really cool activity. My friend tried their trapeze, they also had a trampoline, tennis court as well as yoga classes. As to water activities, the options were snorkeling, kayak, aquagym and many more.

Unlike many other hotels, we were served some snacks for free before lunch. The main restaurant’s set up is into different sections for each cuisine, both local and international. They offered a great variety and live cooking stations. Their tea time was okay with basic crepes, tea and mini pastries offered.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the bar and pools.

Picture credit : Sharleen

Three of the clicks belong to my friend. 
I definitely recommend the day package for Club Med Albion and if you get the chance to stay longer, you should 🙂 


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