Eating at Miss Daisy Bistrot, Rose Hill – Mauritius

Let’s start with the word ‘Bistro’, for those who don’t know, it means a small and inexpensive restaurant.

I was clueless about Miss Daisy Bistrot until last week I was supposed to meet my friend and she suggested to give it a try. Along Dr Ferriere Street right in the heart of Rose Hill, you will find this cute bistrot, owned by a lady named Jessica and her husband where you can stop for a coffee, brunch or lunch. It is also open for private events.


I took the grilled Dorado fish fillet which was accompanied by some salad, tartar sauce and a choice of either French fries or Vegetable gratin as side dish (priced at Rs 210). Obviously I went for the unhealthy one, French fries just because they are always so irresistible! The fish came well seasoned and accurately grilled with a slice of lemon and butter on top. This is one dish that will keep me going back to Miss Daisy Bistrot whenever I have cravings for grilled fish, like now when I’m writing this.

We also tried the chicken Panini (I don’t remember the name), it contained chicken, some sauces and sun-dried tomatoes. This came with potato wafers (crisps) and salad. I didn’t like this one as the Panini lacked flavor. It’s definitely not something I’ll order again on my next visit. This menu is priced at Rs 150.

The drink menu comprises of some hot beverages, soft drinks and refreshing crafted mock-tails. The mock-tails priced at Rs 100 are really cheap when you compare it to other restaurants. We went for the signature one which was perfect for the hot weather. I didn’t try dessert on my visit, but will surely give it a try next time.

Plus all the dishes were nicely presented.

Atmosphere and Service

The restaurant gets really packed at lunchtime, so make reservations in advance. While you may think this place is mostly for teens, not at all! Miss Daisy Bistrot is visited by people of all ages and it is now becoming the trendiest hotspot in Rose Hill.

Coming to hospitality, the service was fine and the restaurant and toilet were really clean. The interior is divided in two. There is a sort of chic and elegant lounge with sofas, decorative throw pillows, tables and decorative items. The counter is in the middle and the main eating area is at the back, a sort of open terrace and outdoor garden with covered seating arrangements.

 To conclude, I had a delightful eating experience at Miss Daisy Bistrot and a good time with my friend. I give this place 8/10. 

Address and details
Miss Daisy Bistrot
Dr Ferrière Street, Rose Hill
Tel : 465 3128

Opening hours : 10 am – 4 pm (Monday to Saturday)


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