Food of Amsterdam (Dutch Food)

Each country has it’s own unique cuisine and food.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience 
– James Beard

I didn’t spend much time in Amsterdam however I did try some of its local dishes

1. Cheese 
You will find a cheese factory/store almost everywhere in Holland. And I bet you will not be able to resist this mouthwatering appetizer. You are bound to find your favorite cheese from the hundreds of varieties. Cheese in Amsterdam is normally eaten with mustard/pickles and dips.


2.Patate !
French fries lovers’, this is for you (and me). Patate is the french fries version of Holland. My recommended eating place is Manneken Pis which is just a few walking steps from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Patate is accompanied with a sauce of your taste topped with onions and mayonnaise. The one I tried was sweet chili sauce (without the onion and mayo), hot and sweet but pleasing to the eyes and stomach.


3.Kroket !
Food from a vending machine, tempting isn’t it?
You won’t be deceived. Be it the mini burgers or the krokets (deep fried snacks), they are delicious, warm and fresh. They are normally sold for 1-2 euros.


Made with flour and the lookalike of chapatti/paratha, the Olijven is cooked and served immediately. You have two choices for fillings, potato curry or cheese. We tried both of them but my favorite one is the potato filling nicely garnished with herbs. Good option for lunch for just 2 Euros. You can find them in Albert Cuyp Market. 


These are some mini fluffy pancakes coated with powdered sugar and butter. It has the right amount of sugar in it(taste wise) perfect for those not fond of desserts. To add a little Dutch touch to it, we ate it in style in a friendly pub with a glass of beer.


Last but not least, something that I personally did not try but filmed my friend having it to catch her reaction. Reason for not trying is I am not too familiar with raw meat/seafood.

6.Hollandse Nieuwe/Haring
Dutch people are fond of raw herring, you will too if you like fish. The fish is eaten with chopped onions and gherkins(pickled cucumber). It is apparently a true Dutch tradition to eat it this way. You can also have it in a sandwich, known as Broodje Haring. 
My friend said it had a good taste, she ate the whole thing. 


You should visit Amsterdam at least once in your entire life.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.


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