10 must-eat food in Mauritius (Ile Maurice)

Why do we crave for Mauritian food when we go abroad? Even when we go on holidays, we will always check if they have a Mauritian restaurant (by the way if you are in London, you need to eat from Chamarel restaurant in Harringay and Mange des Iles in Tooting.) When it comes to our food, there is a lot to talk about and eat obviously. You will find that most of our dishes are inspired from the Indian, Italian, Chinese and french cuisines (due to our diverse cultural mix and integration). What makes it different is the Mauritian touch added to it like our locally produced masala powder(curry powder) and our ancestors’ techniques and tricks . In short, nothing beats home food.

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You need to try these dishes in Mauritius.

Street Foods
1. Dal Puri (Dholl Puri)

This had to be no.1 on my list. You will find this without hassles almost anywhere across the island.  It looks like a thin pancake stuffed with two to three curries (Gros pois – Yellow split peas, Rougaille – Mauritian cooked tomato sauce, Brede Songes – Taro leaves) and pickles or chili.
It is a cheap food option (Around Mur 12) but tasty and filling.
– The most famous Dholl Puri of the island are from Dewa Dalpuri (Rose Hill). The best go-to drink is Alouda (A sort of milkshake with ice cream and Jelly).

2. Samosa, Gateau Piment and all the deep fried snacks

Similar to India Street food, we also have some Mauritian snacks which you will enjoy over a cup of tea. Some prefer to eat it with Chutney (I love it this way).
Normally priced at 3 pieces for Mur 10, these are sold in the markets or you can buy them from streets corner vendors.

3. Boulettes (Dumplings)

The yummiest of all, boulettes is another cheap alternative. There are different varieties of them and very similar to dumplings but in a soup. Adding in chili paste makes it even tastier.
– The best places to go for boulettes are Boulettes Palace in St Jean, Quatres Bornes or Super U in Belle Rose(underground parking).

4. Kebab
This is a must must try and one of my favorites. Bread with mixed vegetables and grilled chicken added to it mayo, tomato and chili sauce. Some places even add cheese and pineapple to it.
– I highly recommend these places for Kebabs: Shabaan Kebab – St Jean – Quatres Bornes, Dil’s Kebab – Rosehill(Next to the bus station) and Sheik Kebab in Curepipe. 

Other food to try
5. Bol renverser (upside down bowl)
Chopsuey of vegetable, chicken & prawn, rice and fried egg on top and tomato chutney or green chili paste, Bol Renverser is a very popular Chinese dish in Mauritius. You will easily find it in any of the Chinese restaurants.

6. Curry or Rougaille dish
You have to try any Rougaille or Curry dish during your visit. This will normally be fish or chicken curry served with rice and lentils soup or Bouillon(a sort of soup of dark green leaves). Rougaille comprises of tomato, onion, garlic, spring onion, coriander leaves and chili whilst curry has more spices added to it.

7. Mine frire or Mine Bouille

Yet two other dishes inspired from the Chinese cuisine, Mine frire is stir fried noodle with vegetables, meat of your choice, egg and soy sauce and Mine Bouille is boiled noodle paired with soy sauce and other sauces, served with meat of your choice and optional eggs. Both taste equally delicious.

8. Seafood
Freshly grilled or marinated fish accompanied by some sweet and sour sauce and chips. Try to go on a catamaran cruise for a BBQ lunch or dinner.

9. Biryani (Mauritian briani)
Another dish to add to your list is Biryani. Rice, marinated chicken and potato cooked in mild spices topped up with some tangy tamarind chutney and cucumber salad. The Mauritian version is not spicy compared to the Indian and Pakistani one.
Best place to eat Biryani is Star Deg of course.

10. Fruit Salad
You will get it from the many coconut stalls on beaches. Fruit slices with crushed chili and salt and tamarind sauce.

This is some of the must try dishes on your visit to Mauritius.

~ Enjoy your stay in Mauritius & Bon appetit ~

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  1. Manish
    August 27, 2017 / 10:37 am

    And a home-made du riz bouillon brede, oeuf mollet and masse pomme de terre on a lazy Sunday

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      August 28, 2017 / 7:15 pm

      Yesss and chatini *_*

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