How to add instagram to your website (wordpress)

I struggled with this the whole day. I kept on installing new plugins, activate then deactivate and yet it was giving me a hard time. It was much easier to install Instagram on than on my own website. But hardwork and patience are always rewarded and I did it. 

Here’s a very easy way to install Instagram to your website. 

Download this plugin :

Instagram Feed is the only plugin that has actually worked in these 24 hours of trials and errors.

Once downloaded, go to Plugins on your dashboard.

– Upload the downloaded plugin from your download folder

– Go to your plugins and activate Instagram Feed.

– While still on the same page, click setting just under Instagram Feed

– Click ‘Log in & get my Access Token and User ID’  and authorize Instagram.

– The Access Token & User ID section will be automatically filled, you just have to repeat the same information on the same page.

– Click the ‘Save changes’ button.

– Below ‘save changes button’, you will see Next Step : Customise your feed.

– Customise your feed allows you to configure how you want your instagram to appear on your website such as change the background color or choosing how many pictures you want to display.

– Click the ‘Save changes’ button again.

– Go to display your feed, copy the shortcode : ‘[instgram-feed]’

– Widgets : Add the ‘Text’ widget to where you want your instagram to appear and paste the shortcode in the description box.

– Save & Your instagram is now showing on your website.

Yuppi !!!


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