Things I wish I knew before moving abroad for study

Leaving home (your paradise) to move abroad isn’t easy especially if it is your first time. Planning ahead is conducive to avoid further stress and complications. First of all, recognise the opportunity given to you, not everyone gets to study abroad (you can also check out my post on benefits of travelling).

Below are a few tips on moving abroad for first timers, things I wish I knew a few years ago:

1. Do not bring a lot of clothes. Don’t don’t. This is serious talk. When I moved to the UK for university, my suitcase weighed more than twice the baggage allowance. Yes, I had to reorganise my whole suitcase at the airport. The trouble doesn’t end here, the clothes that my parents took back home eventually came back to me by relatives who were coming to London. I badly regret this. When I had to move places, it was annoying to carry all the stuff. Plus I didn’t wear most of the clothes due to climate differences.

2. You will miss home. A lot during the first few months but then once you get into the routine, it gets better. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Out of the 22 months I was there, I can barely remember a day on which I didn’t tell my mum that I want to return home. Please do yourself a favour and make the most of your time abroad. Enjoy while it lasts. You have to be strong, prepare yourself mentally.

3. Don’t depend on others. Trust yourself. You are capable of much more than you’d ever thought. Living with family (unless really close – people you can trust) is not advisable. By that, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make friends. This is actually one of the things you need to do asap. Talk to your classmates or roommates, make friends and get out and explore your new temporary home 🙂

4. Apply for NI that is work permit as soon as you get there if you plan to do any part-time job or internship. Yes, this is important.

5. Learn the basic of the spoken language of your new home. It will be easier for you to adapt to that place.
Hello: Hola in Spanish, Salut in French and Namaste in Hindi.

6. Don’t forget to pack your favourite biscuits, foodstuffs and medicines. Talking about meds, it takes a lot of time to get a doctor’s appointment – NHS, take with you painkillers, flu medicines to help you in the meantime etc.

Everything will be okay 🙂
All the best!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.


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