Pizza Inn restaurant – Eating experience

Another pizza post, not recipe this time though. I’ll be talking about Pizza Inn restaurant (Location – Mauritius).

Pizza Inn was founded by 2 Texas brothers back in 1958 and they now have 221 restaurants all over the world. They are best known for their thin crust pizza, their signature sauces and low prices. 

I’ve been to the restaurant twice so far and I really wanted to review my food experience there.
Pizza Inn is a new addition to the food court of Phoenix Mall. Pizza culture is gaining popularity in Mauritius with many new pizza shops settled on the island. A few years ago, Pizza Hut led and soon Debonairs & Panarotti became everyone’s fav.

Basically, the restaurant is split in 3:

Galito for Grills (similar to Nando)
Pizza Inn for Pizzas
Creamy Inn, their dessert corner

I went there a Wednesday evening with my brother and cousin, it was a dinner treat from me being the eldest working sister.

★★★★ (out of 5 stars)
In a few words, Fresh – Cheap – Good quality ingredients – Succulent pizza sauces. 

We all took Pizzas. We ordered a regular pizza each, jumbo french fries as side dish and drinks. The regular pizza (4 slices of decent size) costs around £2-£3.

Did I like the pizza? 
YES! I took the chicken tikka one with toppings: chicken, green pepper and onions. It was mild not too spicy just the way I like my food to be. I love the sauce on the pizza. The crust was not too hard and not too soft, simply of the right size.

The others took the chicken mushroom pizza & bbq chicken/prawn pizza. We all shared our pizzas so I was able to taste all 3.

Try the chicken mushroom one, the sauce will leave you with wanting more and more of it, plus I loove mushrooms.

Out of the three, the chicken tikka one wins. 

Drinks corner: I took their peach iced tea, it was not the bottled ice tea sold in supermarkets, apparently they make their own one. They have a variety of mocktails you can choose from (refer to above photo).

Desserts: They have waffles, cupcakes, milkshakes aaand ice creaaam 😀 – Creamy Inn
Unfortunately, they ran out of waffles on that day. I’ll definitely try creamy Inn next time.

By the way, you can mix up and have grills and pizza at the same time.

Atmosphere & Service
★★★★ (out of 5 stars)

It has a calm atmosphere, great for chilling with family or friends. Staffs are really efficient, I was served by the same waitress both times. The restaurant was around 75-80% full on that day. Waiting time was around 15 mins even less – a plus point, remembering a restaurant I popped in during my one hour lunch time where I was served after more than 45 mins leaving me with only 5 mins to eat.

To sum up, I highly recommend trying Pizza Inn restaurant. They have other branches spread across the island. Super affordable prices & delicious belly filling food.

A thumbs up for me ( & my siblings) 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, thank you for dropping by.




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