Review : Korres wild rose eye cream

Quick review about the product :

A good eye cream is extremely important. My main concerns are dark circles, it does show a lot and dryness around the eye area. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and eat healthy but the dark circles don’t fade. I never used an eye cream before and just apply organic coconut oil instead which helped with dryness.

I bought my very first eye cream about 3 months ago. It is the Korres wild rose eye cream, selling for £18 a 15 ml tube on ASOS. I did not find much reviews on the product but many people seem to like the brand, I thought this is what I need.
I was already dreaming about myself without dark circles.


A total flop! Sorry Korres, it is really disappointing to say that this product is not helping at all. I have been using the cream for several weeks now before bed and sometimes during the day.

The cream is supposed to brighten the eye area and reduce fine lines & dark circles. It just didn’t do its magic on me, it has neither brightened my eye area nor helped with dryness. Strangely whenever I use the cream during the day, people often ask me if I am ill or didn’t sleep properly as my dark circles are showing. I also feel that it irritates my eyes when I apply the cream.

What I liked about it is that it has SPF 15 in it and the design of the tube eases application of the product.
I am just using the cream till I finish the tube because I paid for it and is still hunting for a good eye cream.

It did not work for me but it might be effective for you. As far as I know, Korres’ products are quite good, I just hope that they come up with a better cream. I shared my honest opinion about this eye cream and repeat that we don’t have the same skin type and it might work for you even if it didn’t for me. 

Thank you for reading the post and dropping by 🙂


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