Sagittarius & a few facts

I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, horoscopes, palm reading etc since kid. I found a few notes, the other day, on palm reading which I wrote during my college time. To me, the whole concept is amazing and I’m also surprised by how accurate horoscopes are. I was born on 28th of November thus a Sagittarian.

Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December) – Fire sign
Most compatible with: Leos (my best friend is Leo), Aries, Gemini and other Sagittarians

Here are a few facts about Sagittarians:

1. Blunt and direct.
We won’t lie, if we don’t like something or the way things are, we will tell you about it honestly.

2. Fashion sense
I don’t know about you but if you would ask me about the latest trends and beauty products out, I ain’t no clue about all that. We don’t follow the latest fashion nor are we really fond of heavy makeup or jewellery. Totally true for me! Any clothes as long it compliments me and is comfy will do the job.

3. Loves freedom and their independence
I’m sorry Sagittarius born hate rules and we hate when you impose rules on us. Sagittarians know what is right or wrong for them. And they value their independence and freedom more than anything else.

4. Moody and impatient
If we want something, we want it now – we won’t wait. (Nah Nah, being grumpy and impatient don’t help – Dear me, please understand this)

5. Adventurous!
We are always seeking for adventures. Staying at home the whole day makes us sick. On top, we get bored easily.
– As read somewhere, we are known to have itchy feet, we won’t stick to a place for long (100% correct). Plus, we love travelling! Changing places, trying new things and travelling uplift our souls.

6. Creative
The best careers for Sagittarians are writers (Oh – my blog kinda makes me a writer), artists(I am an artist too, won the national prize 2nd rank for A level art exams), teachers due to our philosophical nature, travellers etc.

7. Caring towards loved ones
We are always ready to do anything for those close to our hearts. Moreover, it is believed that we are the friendliest of all signs. And we will always be there to give you a helping hand selflessly and a loyal friend 🙂

8. Curious & intellectual.
We are always cravings for more and more knowledge. We also tend to focus on too many things at a time or wanting to do everything at the same time.

You now know how to better deal with a Sagittarius born! ^^

Credit to Google for the images.

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