Signs that you are in a toxic relationship and it’s time to let go

”Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

– Sonia Ricotti

Nothing lasts forever in this world, you and I know it for even we are guests on earth. I know a toxic relationship takes the life out of you. It suffocates you and you keep wondering how it went wrong and built up into a myriad of bitterness between the two of you. Tell yourself that it’s okay and that it was never meant to be. 

Sometimes we tend to think that things will work out tomorrow if we just leave the relationship as it is today. You have hopes for tomorrow and when it doesn’t turn out to be how you wanted things to be, this breaks your heart. You are shattered by then.

Here are signs that a relationship is getting toxic for you and that it is time to let go.

  1. You are constantly running low on energy
    It feels like life has taken a full stop. You can’t focus, you can’t breathe and worst you feel miserable all the time. All you do is sleep wake up flow with the routine and sleep in between whenever you can. My dear, this is the absolute sign that something’s not working – Take it as a wake up call.
  2. Your hobbies and passion no longer fascinate you.
    Your so called partner is on your mind 24/7 and your focus is on them. You are getting addicted to being around that person and you feel like you don’t exist without them. (This is wrong! )
  3. Moody all the time
    You feel irritated when you are around people. Conversation with other people bore you and you say no to your girls’ day outs or spending time with your friends.
  4. You can’t trust your partner.
    You try hard to trust them but your instincts are against you. In turn, you stay miserable because something is bothering you all the time which you can’t fix with him.
  5. Fights and no compromise.
    All you guys do is fight. No one is willing to compromise anymore. You are fed up, so is he. Then why hold on when it is not working?
  6. The relationship is one-sided.
    You are always giving out your best but nothing is being done by your partner to return the favor. His behaviour clearly shows a no interest sign in the relationship or in you. Love yourself enough to quit.
  7. No communication
    You stopped hanging out with each other. Someone is always blanking the other or at times you don’t feel the point of a conversation. This is maybe because you are tired of trying to make things work.
  8. You don’t have a life purpose anymore.
    You become unhappy with your job, with life or with loved ones. Moreover you become indecisive because of your hopes of how things should have been then you no longer have an interest in life.
  9. Your health is affected.
    Being in a bad relationship is stressful. Taking in too much stress and worry will shaken your existence after some time. This has a bad impact on your immunity system and overall health. You fall sick more often.

    We have all been there at some point in our lives. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, get out of the mess that is causing you pain. Pain is just temporary, remember that you are strong and the best is yet to come. (Check out my post on ways to be happy.)
    – All pictures/quotes come from google search

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