Why you should never get back with your ex

Well, you remember being so in love with someone at some point in your life when that person meant everything for you. Day and night, it was all about them. Then, gradually things got messy. You guys eventually broke up… Months went by, even years without talking to each other. You secretly know you’ve never been able to move on genuinely.

One day, you saw him again. He smiled at you. This triggered a fire in your heart. So now you want to be with him again? Tempting, isn’t it? We have all been there. But hey can you take the risk again?

I’d take myself as an example. I was sort of dating someone and things never worked out. We broke up, got back to each other, broke up again and so forth. This went on for years. I was determined that he was the one and that I should give the relationship or ‘him’ as many chances as it/he needed. I soon realized that I didn’t have the strength to fight for it anymore. It’s been more than a year now since we broke up and I’ve never looked back since. I can happily say that I’ve been able to move on, finally.

Here’s why you should never ever get back to your ex:

You broke up for a reason. Be it one partner cheated, showed a lack of respect etc. When you get back to the person, can he or she guarantee this won’t repeat? I’m pretty sure this will happen again and again because it is difficult for a person to change. Think about it, is it worth the pain again? (Don’t play with your own heart)

You might be missing on the love of your life. While you are busy chasing the wrong one, you might not pay attention to cupid’s message. In the process, you lose your true love. Out of the 3.7 billion guys in this world, you are bound to find your soulmate someday.

Trust issues.
No, it is impossible to trust your ex fully after a nasty breakup. There will always be a doubt in mind and this, unfortunately, will always create havoc and ruin your relationship. In turn, you are more likely to feel insecure, stressed and miserable. Your past will come up at some point.

Limit yourself of any opportunities.
If I was still stuck in my past, I would have never started this blog or reconnect with my hobbies such as photography, art or resume Spanish learning. I would waste all my time and energy trying to sort all differences. You choose either stick to the past or move on and build a better future. Opportunities do not knock your door all the time.

You might lose people who truly care about you in the process.
Can you remember the few true friends or your parents who warned you beforehand not to date this person or get back to that person? These people care for you and they know you so well that they can tell what is best for you or not.

Think twice and take care of your heart ♡



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