Day trip to Bath – It is hard to not fall in love with this quaint town

I was disheartened that day to leave rainy London to pave towards Bath. I just didn’t want the bad weather to ruin my day. We made our way early morning to Bath via Windsor(we could not get out of the car thanks to the terrible downpour) to later end the day with a visit to Stonehenge.

On the way 🙂 Photo stopover, this looked so beautiful.


To be honest, it is difficult to describe this place. The best thing to do is to see it for yourself whenever you visit the UK. It is one of the most (most most) beautiful towns of England. It is a small town yet very charming with a number of gardens to visit, thermal spas, the picturesque lining of houses on the hills (very cute) and cosy atmosphere. The town is always so packed with it being one great tourist spot in UK as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I was so glad that by the time I reached my destination, Mr Sun came out, timid but at least it wasn’t raining.

Roman Bath 
We first visited the Roman Bath (Admission price: Around £15)
The Roman Bath will take you back in history during Roman times through its interactive museum and guide. Make sure you grab one of the self-guided remote before playing the explorer!

Bath Abbey
The church dates from 1499 and services still take place there. It is open to tourists for visit for a small admission fee.

Pulteney Bridge & River Avon
We finished the city tour with a little relaxing walk along the Pulteney bridge. The bridge was constructed with the aim of connecting land to land. This whole scenery is undeniably so romantic and magnificent.

There is a lot more to do and see in Bath. I didn’t have much time to explore everything. You can also go for afternoon tea, visit the thermal spas or indulge in some shopping. There’s plenty of affordable accommodation options if you plan to stay over.

Did you manage to not fall in love…?

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